Qualities of thermo blocks:

Resistant to freezing
Resistant to humidity
Good sound insulation
Ecological product
Easily workable
Robust and durable
High fire safety – response to fire Class A1
Energy efficient – reduced heating and cooling costs
Excellent heat insulation in winter, in summer rooms are pleasantly cool

Reg. No. 40003857899

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Excellent construction material for passive and energy efficient houses

  • The light concrete possesses all the best qualities of stone and wood
  • The bearing parts are made of the light concrete – cement, sand, water + closed air pores
  • Heat insulating part – non-toxic, ecologic and pervious to steam foam polystyrene EPS
  • Thermo blocks are characterised by excellent heat and sound insulation
  • Outstanding resistance to humidity, freezing and fire
  • No additional heat insulation or levelling of walls is required
  • There is mutual amortization between concrete parts of thermo blocks, thus deformation of walls (formation of cracks) caused by impacts (seismic areas) and vibrations (railway, highway) is prevented
  • Walls “breathe” – create pleasant climate in rooms and prevent formation of mould
  • No “dew point” gets formed in walls made of three-section blocks
  • Thermo blocks are reinforced (armature – VR 1)
  • Robust and easily workable – can be polished, sawn, nailed
  • Accurate shape and size permits to use glue of joints (thickness of joints 1 – 2 mm), which prevents formation of “cold bridges”
  • Heat insulation (foam polystyrene) in the middle of a wall is not damaged by rodents, infrared radiation, weather conditions and it is protected against mechanical damage (contrary to walls with external heat insulation from outside)
  • Thermo blocks are light (16 – 20 kg depending on the type) and do not exert high loads upon foundations of buildings. (Increased load exerted upon foundations of buildings cause their deformation and cracks in walls)
  • When thermo blocks are used in construction, a larger inside area in sq.meters is obtained with equal size of a building site, because the thickness of an insulated wall amounts to just 30 cm
  • Number of employed workers is reduced
  • Construction terms get shorter
  • Transportation costs and volume of materials to be delivered to the construction site decrease
  • No high capacity and expensive heating equipment is required
  • Minimum expenditure for heating in winter and air conditioning in summer
  • We recommend to use alternative energy sources in buildings built from thermo blocks – wind generators, earth heat pumps, solar batteries and collectors. (Energy efficient and passive houses)

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